Lead Officiant, Reception MC, CEO & SYMBIS Counselling Facilitator

Dom embodies affection, generosity, love, and is a trailblazer on the inside and out.

Officiating weddings brings a sense of joy and a great opportunity to offer a gift to others, as well as an enormous desire to see families set up and succeed.

Having performed several weddings, he has turned out to be a standout amongst Toronto's most looked for after and favored Officiant for couples and merchants because of his steady methodology and capacity to really draw out the best in couples amid services. 

He is expressive, brimming with life, vigorous, enthusiastic and extremely fun expert. With his mark of being short, sweet, warm, fun and tasteful, he is everything a couple could request in an Officiant. 

He is of the mentality that ceremonies are intended to catch the embodiment of each couple and along these lines puts his substance to convey special, immaculate and most important celebrations. 

He recounts performing the ceremony for the niece of one of the greatest NBA star of all time, Larry Bird and referred to him as Bill CLinton that got everybody rolling on the floor..lol

Here are some incredible feedback gotten from couples, guests and vendors; "characteristic, significant, gifted, real, exceptionally personalized, light, decent, fun, never saw a function this way, "I need to get hitched again and have you as my officiant", "to what extent have you known the couple for" what's more, it continues forever… 




Q. Wilson always deems it such a great honor to have couples consider him to officiate their special ceremony. 

The amount of energy, love, and care that goes into making this day memorable is what pushes him to perform a ceremony that compliments the love being expressed on that day.  


The first wedding he officiated was October 14, 2014. His friend from grade school called him and said. " I couldn't think of anybody else I'd rather have done this for me Q." Since then he has never looked back. 

He pastors a new age modern ministry called TorontoIC. He is in his late 30’s, a lover of great music, movies, sports, and people. 


He is married to a beautiful woman, and father an energetic son.   

His wedding ceremonies are very emotional, intimate, funny and sentimental. He is also very sensitive to the nature of this day, so his written part of the ceremony is very flexible. If the bride and groom wish to prepare their vows, he is all for it as it adds so much more personality to the ceremony.   


He hopes that your wedding day is a blessed and joyous experience if you decide to go with him.  




For this reason, a man shall leave his mother and father and be united to his wife, and the two shall be one.”


Marriage is a beautiful thing respected and appreciated by all. It is also a long journey between two imperfect people coming together because of the love they have for each other.


I remember the day of my wedding, when I first laid my eyes on my wife walking down the aisle I burst into tears because I was so filled with joy that I was about to spend the rest of my life with her.


Apart from my two kids and my wife, nothing else brings me great joy than seeing two people coming together as one because of the love they have for each other.


I look forward to working with you as you begin your extraordinary journey.




My name is Sherlette, and one of my favorite things in the world is happy people.   It’s an absolute pleasure being around happy people and making people happy. 


The happiest day for many is the day they say “I do” to their life partner.  Officiating weddings is one of the best ways to bring joy not just to two people but their loved ones as well. 


I’m a very passionate and sociable person, and I take pleasure in being around beautiful people.  I look forward to helping you create everlasting memories that will surpass all your expectations.








I got married to my beautiful wife Kerry Ann 10 years ago in a beautiful church with some of our closet friends, and family members with one of my mentors officiated our wedding. 

When we look back on that day, we know it was perfect. Not because everything happened flawlessly or because it couldn’t have been bigger. It was perfect because it was for us—our memory—and it was the way we wanted it.

Now that I’m a licensed officiant and I stand where my mentor stood on that day, I’m convinced that when we got married, we took two things away from our wedding day:

1) we made a promise, and

2) we had a great time. Moreover, it’s not the size of the party that makes it great. My goal is to make your day great for as a couple.


I look forward to being a part of your marriage journey.

Officiant Damion
Officiant Damion

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Officiant Damion
Officiant Damion

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A wedding is not just another milestone in peoples lives, but it is deemed the greatest day for any couple that chooses to take that next step. 

It is Damion’s pleasure and honour to make couples happy and excited for their big day. He does this with his smooth communicative style and class; he assures that your day will be a memorable one!

Damion enjoys performing weddings, but he also plays many roles in his day to day life. His first priority is for his family. He is devoted to his wife Dahlia who he has been married to for eight years and to their beautiful two-year-old daughter Damaiah. He is a wonderful husband, father, minister, mentor, life coach and a skilled musician. In 2010 he also pursued his studies within Law Enforcement to become a police officer. In his leisure time, he also enjoys playing sports, exploring cars and reading.

He is excited to take this next step with you if you have him!

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Administrator, Officiant & Partner

Tamara was born and raised in Toronto and attended York University with a double major in sociology and Law & Society with a bachelor's degree. 

She is married to her best friend and been blessed with three beautiful kids Nia, Isabelle, and Javen. 


She also serves alongside her husband as the lead Pastors at their local Church.

She is very passionate about impacting the lives of others through practical living, serving, counselling and mentoring others. In her spare time she enjoys music, spending time with family and friends, dating her husband, travelling, shopping, writing, reading, going to the movies and meeting new people. She has also been graced with the opportunity to affect the lives of those who are struggling with mental health issues in the community. 

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Shiraz Siddique is a power-packed communicator who captivates audiences every time he has the stage. His sole purpose is to ensure the moment is memorable and to create a lasting impression of what your big day should be all about.

Being married for more than 20 years, empowers the depth of the passion he speaks with – he cares about you and your marriage. He is characterized by his humour and ability to personalize your ceremony to reflect the unique experience you have always dreamed of. 

If mundane and muted is what you seek, then Shiraz may not be for you. If you wish to reflect the dynamic nature of your relationship, Shiraz may be the element that brings your dream ceremony together.


He will encourage, motivate and inspire you and your guests to live marriage to the full and activate everything you dream you marriage can be.